I Got A Bomb

by Deek Jackson



Culture jamming - SS CIA FBI MI5 6 etc - SPY ON THIS


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Please post these lyrics far and wide- For comedy purposes.
The fascist spying state that made up all the terror attacks as an excuse to spy on us. Has a vast machine monitoring all our communications. Hello you twats!! - These lyrics are intended to subvert their false flag tyranny - post - share - enjoy :)


I got a bomb gonna use it on you -
I got a bomb i gotta do what i do
I got a bomb for the pope and the queen
I got a bomb make the president scream
I got a bomb gonna take it to the top
I got a bomb you bet it fuckin rocks

I got a bomb for muslims and jews
I got a bomb for the christains too
got the ingredients here in my mind
cant take it back there aint no rewind
i can make more these bombs any time
bring the beat back well do the crime

I got a bomb gonna drop it on th e floor
I got a bomb and im gonna make more
I got a bomb its here in my track
I got a bomb this is how i attack
planet rapping fkrs your only a few
i dropped the bass cos this bomb is for you

I got a bomb for the tv transmitta
I got a bomb for the carbon emmitta
Sing this song under tyrranys rule
you know what it means they do too
now the law says fighting fascisms wrong
but they can all suck on my fucking bomb

Music and Lyrics by Deek Jackson


released February 10, 2015


all rights reserved



Deek Jackson Scotland, UK

Music is the drug

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