If I Was An Alien

by Deek Jackson



If i was an alien who came from outer space
could you explain to me the behaviour of your race
cos we live lives of slavery rakeing in the muck
our rulers they are laffing while they fuck us for a buck

it all makes sense
if you want to fuck the planet up
exploit me for the rest of my life
poison the earth the air and the sea

if there were some aliens liven her on earth -
waiting for their moment to take over our turf
maybe we should stop them give it our best shot
maybe they're no worse than the fuckers that we got

If there were some aliens who lived on planet x
we are just experiments in their genetics
they may be quite annoyed maybe blow there tops
they left us here in paradise we turned it into shops

Are we the aliens on this planet, printed out of earthly DNA by information photons from distant worlds - are aliens among us, travellers from other realms- visitors - conquerors - have our dreams become real - our wishes made flesh - the alien saviour - the good alien - the god alien - the demon alien - our future imagined by our alien selves -


released March 12, 2015


all rights reserved



Deek Jackson Scotland, UK

Music is the drug

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