Vote For Me

by Deek Jackson



Landless peasants Campaign Song - General Election 2015


its time you cast your vote in a democracy
chose a scumbags to run the economy
well go ahead - it won’t change anything
your just selecting a flavour of hypocrisy
we have only yourselves to blame
for this poor crop of obvious liars on tv
you don’t really think feasibly -
we can have 3 % growth annually
- don’t you think its odd that we bomb countries
claiming democracy will set them free
Then we support slavery in china
and send weapons to the saudi royal family

cos I’m a regular guy i look you in the eye while i say hard working families
I will tell you things you really wanna hear about growth jobs and prosperity
Imin possession of the pertinent facts relating to improvements the economy
theyl be no error in the war on terror ill protect our national security

for a little more hypocrisy
so the rich can stay greedy
for the planet rape and slavery
to fight war endlessly

I’m the guy that gets funded by big business -try not to laugh when i say were all together in this
i just think it would be best all round if rich got richer and poor mind their own business
because we’ve got a job to do - raping th planet to make money for few people who
have it all but could use a bit more and they would like to get it from you hoo
yeah an Im the best man to attract the investment creat jobs and stop prices being inflationary
for all of you - the livestock in this mindscape of endless economic slavery
that is why I’m cutting taxes for the rich an slashing spending on the vulnerable in society
ill make you pay for banks that we bailed - sell off public services to private franchisees.

Im the guy who represents the working man, even tho I’m loaded and have permanent tan
I’m here to tell you things can only get better, whith longer tea breaks and sunnier weather
i used to have a left wing ideology but i abandoned it in favour of style you see
but you won’t miss that social justice stuff - cos we all live on planet making a buck
so lets strive for higher productivity , a small pay rise and a pension you won’t live to see
Ill negotiate your perks and fees but theres no way I’m freeing you from debt slavery
I’m just playing with the colour scheme while transnational corporations exploit globally
i won’t even protest at the hypocrisy of food banks in the world 6th largest economy

Im from one of the parties that never be in charge maybe you’d like to waste your vote on me
were the greens the far left of the far right or nationalists lets have a look at our policies
we’ve got a specific issue its as red line and on that well never compromise
the environment austerity inflation immigration , on this issue we have a blend of lies
and well be just like all the all scumbags if power is something we ever get near
cos I’m just like the others u hear selling the same vision of shopping growth and fear
ask a question ill never answer tho- ill say i think what i think is I’mportant you know
and if I’m ever elected you know its true - ill do shit i never told you i would do

- so vote for me


released April 12, 2015


all rights reserved



Deek Jackson Scotland, UK

Music is the drug

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